About Kim Atkins

Kim Atkins Jewellery comprises several ranges of beaded and silver jewellery that convey particular images or messages of hope, drawn from biblical themes. The signature range is Jewellery That Speaks,.a collection of individual named pieces.

Brand and Design Philosophy

Every woman possesses an inherent beauty, dignity and worth, and should live without shame

The jewellery is intended to enhance or bring out that inner beauty and worth, rather than to create an artificial overlay

Affordable Quality

Kim Atkins Jewellery is hand-crafted or assembled designer jewellery, made from quality materials.

Creating Opportunities for Young Jewellers

One Of Kim Atkins' key priorities is to provide opportunities for young jewellers to work and gain experience, so that they can become established in their own right. To this end, Kim works with students and recent graduates to make all of the silver jewellery.