Newsletter 1 - Feb 2019


Calling Destiny

Declaring Hope

Adorned for Eternity

Welcome to my brand new newsletter!. My aim is to unpack the things that excite and motivate me as a jeweller. On a bi-monthly basis, I will showcase products, offer promotional deals, and share the things that inspire me in both design and the mission of uplifting women. I hope that you will share part of my journey, and I would love to get your feedback and hear your stories.

Love Never Fails

I would like to begin by showing off a range that has just been added to my website.
"Love Never Fails" is inspired by 1 Cor 13, where the love of God is so beautifully expressed.
The pieces are simple, but beautiful reminders of that love.



 "An ark. A flood. A rainbow of promise. And a reminder for today of whom we are in covenant with. The cross of Calvary speaks over all time. For always we are children of the Most High God. Bought with a price and precious in his sight.
If you would like your very own "COVENANT" you can find it on my website.

My Inspiration

I seek to capture visually the messages of hope in the Bible. I have learned many things about the meaning of Scriptural colours and numbers, and incorporated these into my designs. I see pictures, and interpret these into jewellery, to encourage the wearer to draw closer to the Father.

My Packaging

I pack my jewellery in simple black boxes, wrapped in silver ribbon and sealed with a crimson seal. We all start out trapped in the blackness of our sin, but have access to the redemption of Christ, symbolised by the silver ribbon. We are sealed by the blood of the Lamb.